ICCET 2019
Contest Tasks
Air Taxi
Participants will develop an unmanned aerial vehicle that can carry cargo and navigate in urban environment adhering to certain flight rules.
A Seamless Navigator
Participants are offered to provide continuous indoors/outdoors navigation service as a mobile app.
Flexible Electronics
Participants will make a model of a flexible photoelectric device.
Genome Editing Tools
Participants will develop tools to identify a PAM sequence of Cas effectors using bioinformatics and molecular biology methods.
An Aerial Ropeway
Participants are offered to propose a propulsion system to move cabins along a stationary rope; building a functional model of a self-propelling cabin for a stationary rope aerial ropeway.
Advanced Robot Gripper
Participants will develop an adaptive gripper and a software code for a robot manipulator sorting operation.
A Psychoemotional Simulator
Participants will develop a prototype of a simulator intended for facial reanimation and restoring normal motility of facial expression muscles after a stroke.
A Transformed Space Station Module
Participants will develop a functional model of a Transformed Space Station Module (TSSM).
Smart energy
Participants are offered to build a physical model of a closed-loop microgrid (hybrid power grid).
Low cost high-tech
Participants work on project related to a Low-Cost High-Tech Device.
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